St. Austin Named to Cardinal Newman Society’s Catholic Education Honor Roll

Dear Friends,
I am pleased to announce that The St. Austin School has earned the prestigious distinction of being named to the Cardinal Newman Society’s Catholic Education Honor Roll. St. Austin engaged in a thorough internal and external review of its Catholic identity and academic excellence before being awarded this status. We have the distinction of being the only school in the St. Louis area with this recognition. Please visit the Cardinal Newman Society’s website for more information.
We are honored to share our joy in this important achievement with our community of students, parents, alumni, and benefactors.
Thank you for continuing to support The St. Austin School. We look forward to returning to school in August and celebrating with a Mass of thanksgiving.
In Christ,
Gerry Dolan
Mrs. Dolan

Principles of Catholic Identity

The St. Austin School holds fast to the principles of Catholic identity as derived by the Cardinal Newman Society from Church documents. 

The St. Austin School:

  • Is inspired by a Divine Mission

  • Models Christian Communion and Identity

  • Encounters Christ in Prayer, Scripture, & Sacrament

  • Integrally Forms the Human Person

  • Imparts a Christian Understanding of the World

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