Teacher with students

At The St. Austin School, each child is encouraged to develop socially, intellectually, and spiritually at his optimum pace. We strive to involve each child in active and independent learning. Emphasis is placed on the essential skills of literacy, numeracy, and religious instruction. These are worked out through a varied and exciting curriculum which we believe is both broad and balanced and is intended to help children engage with the greatest ideas found in the best books.

The academic program at The St. Austin School is outlined comprehensively in our 2023-24 Prospectus.

Our school is organized into Forms for Lower and Middle School:

Our PreK program utilizes a Montessori approach that includes Religious Instruction, Story Time, Penmanship, Literacy and Numeracy activities, and activity-based introduction to Science, History, Music, and Arts & Crafts. 

Lower School
Form I: Kindergarten
Form II: First Grade
Form III: Second Grade
Form IV: Third Grade
Form V: Fourth Grade

Middle School
Form VI: Fifth Grade
Form VII: Sixth Grade
Form VIII: Seventh and Eighth Grade

Pictured Above: The Disputation of the Holy Sacrament by Raphael.
Pictured Above: The School of Athens by Raphael.